Midwest Pandamonia review.

The Midwest Book Review has given Pandamonia a resounding thumbs-up. What a nice way to end 2017! Follow the link above to read the full review.


Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you all. I look forward to sharing more creative adventures with you in 2018. Meantime, here’s a festive poem for you to enjoy.


Dear Father Christmas…don’t despair!

Pull on your boots. Pick up your sack.

You must ignore the non-believers,

And your aching back.


Father Christmas, don’t give up!

Despite the doubters that insist,

That you are but a jolly fake,

And really don’t exist.


Father Christmas, carry on!

Load up the toys. Prepare the deer.

Because in you I will believe,

At least for one more year.


Copyright (Chris Owen 2017)

Perth Writers Festival Pandamonia – Thank you.

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Zoobopaloobop! I had an absolute blast at the 2017 Perth Writers Festival Family Day. Thanks to everybody who came down and got into the swing of our Pandamonia show featuring fantastic local jazz band, Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys, and our wonderful swing dancers, the Hullabaloo Hoppers. It was great to work with you all. A special mention to the very talented MC, Glenn Swift.